As we designed the sessions in this year’s Customer Council, we pulled together some of the top concerns our customers and partners have highlighted to us,  and arrived at a list of “Hot Topics” that we knew would have the most impact addressing in a collaborative forum like the Customer Council.  We thought it would be a good idea to share a little on what we intend to cover this year on this blog and also introduce the circle of speakers who will be sharing their expertise on the topic. 

The first topic we will talk about on Day 1 is Packaging and Labeling.  From Central Pack to bio-degradable to the trend of no packaging, there is certainly a wide range of packaging solutions available today. We will discuss in-store production and packaging issues faced by operational personnel, the hottest packaging trends, and how to keep fresh departments up-to-date on requirements, regulations and policies related to packaging. The session will also explore opportunities to look upstream to equipment vendors and consider how they can help or assist in the process. Finally, it would be difficult to speak on Packaging and Labeling and not discuss the (March 1) Meat Nutrifacts regulation  and learn how our retailers have complied with the regulation.  Our speaker will share some of the common misconceptions of what qualifies as compliance and we will have a Q&A session post his presentation to allow our participants to pose their questions.


Erik Lieberman from FMI for METTLER TOLEDO Customer Council 2012

Erik Lieberman: Regulatory Counsel, Food Marketing Institute

Erik Lieberman represents the food retailing and wholesaling industries before federal agencies ranging from FDA and USDA to the Department of Labor and Department of Justice. Lieberman works with federal agencies to ensure that regulations are not unnecessarily burdensome for industry. He also assists food retailers and wholesalers in complying with federal rules. Previously he served as the Majority Regulatory Counsel for the House Small Business Committee. From 2004-2007, Lieberman was Director of Government Affairs at the National Grocers Association. Prior to that, he served as a legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Bob Graham. Lieberman has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and the Washington Post and regularly appears in trade and industry publications. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

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